SAP Concur is the world’s leading provider of integrated expense, travel, and invoice management services and solutions.

I worked as the sole copywriter on the SAP Concur brand team, creating content and driving strategy for corporate marketing initiatives. I started at the company in the midst of an expansive transition as Concur merged with the larger SAP parent brand, which gave me the opportunity to help define a global brand from the ground up by setting the tone and voice and develop of company-wide brand guidelines.

I also wrote dozens of blog posts and emails for a variety of campaigns, assisted with qualitative messaging research, and created our internal brand newsletter each month.

The case study to the right exemplifies a typical customer path through various stages of content. This path begins with clicking on the banner or a video, moves through a landing page, and then into deeper pieces of marketing content. All of the copy on the landing page and in the various pieces of marketing content relate back to the primary topic of this path, which in this example is the mobility-focused features of Concur Expense. Although each page was templatized, the copy was customized to fit the story of each individual path, so that visitors would get content and messaging they expect based on their initial interaction.